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QR Code Scanners

QR Code Scanner Rental Kits

Everything you need in complete rental kits

Each rental kit comes with:

  • Rugged QR code scanners

  • Cradle chargers

  • Spare batteries

  • Power extender bar

  • Secure Wi-Fi access point

  • Laptop base station

  • QR code generator and tracking applications

QR code scanner features

High speed QR code readers
QR code scanner with extended battery
Extended battery packs
Drop proof water resistant QR scanner
Drop proof & water resistant
Wireless QR code scanner
Secure Wi-Fi 802.11(n)

Training and 24.7 helpdesk is free​

With free 24/7 helpdesk and remote support you can rest assured an expert is always just a call, text or click away. 

Easy QR Code Scanner Rental Kits

Our rugged QR code scanners and handheld QR scanners are designed to meet the demands of any environment. With many options available we can quickly configure our rental kits to meet your specific needs. Renting scanners is easy. Tell us your requirements and we setup and ship your scanners ready to go. It’s that simple!

QR Code Scanner Rental Kits

Complete rental kits with QR code scanners and software, power chargers and cradles, secure Wi-Fi access point, and laptop base station with QR code generator and tracking apps.