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QR code scanner and barcode scanner rental prices


Interspan provides cost effective barcode scanning and tracking solutions that streamline data capture and improve accuracy.

We have the perfect solution for businesses needing additional inventory scanners to count inventory, and QR barcode scanners for event attendance tracking and ticket check-in.

We supply reliable barcode and QR code scanners, with everything you need in an easy and convenient rental kit. It's that easy!

Do you need additional handheld inventory scanners for your cycle count, or name badge scanners for a conference or event?

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With over 25 years experience providing barcode scanning and tracking systems we deliver reliable and easy barcode solutions made to fit your needs.

Complete barcode rental kits


Easy handheld inventory scanner rental kits

inventory barcode scanner rental

Streamline inventory cycle counts

  • Simplify your inventory counts

  • Save time and improve accuracy

  • Easy to use inventory count app

  • Integrates with your account system

  • Rugged inventory barcode scanner

  • Electronic inventory count sheets

  • Real-time physical inventory reports

We provide easy inventory barcode scanner systems for counting physical inventory. Fast, accurate and cost effective. Let us help you with your next inventory count.

barcode scanners and services for annual inventory count

"The Binnacle has relied on Interspan to provide barcode scanners and services for our annual inventory count for several years and we would gladly recommend Interspan to any business looking to simplify counting inventory"


inventory barcode scanner

"We've been using Interspan's barcode equipment and services for years. Their expertise and availability have been invaluable for getting us  through our annual inventory. I would heartily recommend Interspan's services to anybody."


The best solution for physical counts of inventory

Complete barcode system for inventory counts

The easiest real-time inventory counting system that operates reliably in any environment.

  • Everything you need in an easy rental kit

  • Works anywhere without Wi-Fi or internet

  • Complete your count in half the time

  • Add more scanners to finish even quicker

  • Rent inventory scanner from $28→

With free 24/7 helpdesk and remote support you can rest assured an expert is always just a call, text or click away. 

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Inventory count with inventory scanner

Easy event attendance tracking solutions

Event attendance tracking using QR codes.jpg

Simplify event attendance tracking using QR codes

Use QR codes to simplify attendance tracking and check-in at your event in 4 easy steps:

  • Email QR code tickets / confirmations for all pre-sales and registrations.

  • Simply scan the QR code ticket for check-in and issue custom QR code name badges.

  • Quickly scan attendee name badges to record session attendance and automate credit assignments and certificates.

  • Automatically generate credit reports, email attendance certificates, and view real-time attendance statistic for your event.

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We provide easy QR code solutions to manage and track attendance at your events. Fast, accurate and cost effective. Let us help you with your next conference.


“I don’t think you will find a better company than Interspan. I have used Interspan for 10+ years and I have never had any issues with service, equipment or shipping. INCREDIBLE Customer Service. Never experienced anything like it!”

Mardi - Executive Assistant to CEO

ticket QR code scanning

"We have been using your ticket scanners and services for 12 year’s now and are very  pleased with your customer service and ongoing ability to integrate into our booking system while we have grow and expand our dance academies internationally."


The best solution for ticket check-in at events

Easy QR ticket sales and check-in for your event

  • Complete QR code ticket solution

  • Sell QR code tickets for your event online

  • Email out branded e-ticket with QR code

  • Quickly scan ticket QR code for check-in

  • Secure and stream line access to your event

  • Manage VIP areas and paid for sessions

  • Lookup VIP and attendee status

  • Real-time rate of entry statistics.

barcode scanner rentals.jpg

ID badge and visitor tracking solutions

ID badge scanner for security

Easy worksite access control and security with ID badges

  • Comprehensive photo ID tracking system

  • Minimal training required. Setup and start issuing barcode photo IDs within minutes.

  • Rugged wireless barcode scanners ensure reliable and secure verification at entry points

  • Quickly secure your entire work site with mobile access control at all entry points.

  • Real-time head counts for emergency evacuations and musters.

  • Zone control and contractor HSE profiles ensure orientation and training requirements are maintained and have not expired.

  • Generate electronic time and attendance records and time sheets for HR and payroll.

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Custom barcode scanning and tracking applications

Learn more about our barcode and QR code rental solutions

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