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What is a barcode?

What is a barcode and how can you use barcodes?

What is a barcode?

Before getting started with and any system that uses barcode scanning and tracking, it is a good idea to understand how barcodes work to get the most benefit from barcoding.

Barcodes have been around for many years, and barcode technology has evolved to offer businesses and organizations many benefits. The biggest benefits for businesses using

barcoding are time savings, improved accuracy, and streamlined activities and work-flows.

How do a barcode work?

Barcodes are a graphic representation of a string of characters using vertical bars.

In simple terms, the number 1234 can be displayed as:

Barcode 1234

A laser light can be used to measure the space between the bars and decode the barcode

This means we can use a barcode scanner to quickly and accurately read the barcode.

Counting inventory on a barcode scanner
Counting inventory on a barcode scanner

This is very usefully for many business activities, such as counting inventory on a barcode scanner.

Now days barcode scanners can operate wirelessly and interact with large and complex applications and database, so the simple function of scanning a barcode ensures quick and accurate data entry, and gives the operator real-time access to critical business information.


More barcode uses and benefits

Most companies that manage inventory use inventory barcode scanning and tracking systems. Shipping companies use barcodes scanners to scan and track every package. While there are many more uses for barcode technologies, we have specialized in a few. This makes us experts in our field.

Use ticket barcodes to check in tickets at events

Using a unique barcode ID printed on event tickets provides a way to quickly and accurately check in tickets at events. Simply scan the ticket barcode when the person arrives. The ticket barcode ID is instantly checked against the mater ticket list. If the ticket is invalid or has already been used, the user is alerted. This gives you the ability to streamline and secure access to your events.

Barcode name badges simplify attendance tracking at events

Similarly, a unique barcode ID printed on conference name badges provides a way to quickly and accurately track attendance at events. Simply scan the barcode name badge when the person enters a session. If the attendee is not registered for that session the the user is alerted. This give you an easy way to track event attendance electronically for continuing education credits and attendance certificates.

Barcode ID badges and visitor tracking for secure work sites

Barcode ID badges can be generated for employees and visitors to track people on and off secure work sites. Security staff can quickly and easily create and print photo ID badges for all personnel entering secure locations. The locations can be divided into security zones each requiring specific site access permissions. Wireless barcode scanners can be used to scan personnel in and out of each zone for head counts and evacuation management.

If you are looking for a barcode solution for any of the above we can help. With over 25 years of experience designing and implementing barcode systems for businesses we can help you.

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